How can we help you?

Tracking your order

If you know your order number and your order doesn't fall under one of items we can't track you can track your order here.

If you don't have your order number handy...

Have a look at the email we sent you called 'Your order is on the way'. Next to each item you bought, you'll find a link that will take you to your courier's tracking page.
We might use different couriers to deliver each of your items, so make sure you click on each link separately to find out where your items are.

If your confirmation email doesn't include a link, it means that we can't track that item. But we'll always give you an estimated delivery date for the items, so you know when to expect them. You'll find that in your confirmation email, too.

The level of tracking information varies by courier; if you would like any further information, please contact our customer services team.

Items we can't track

We're sorry, unfortunately there are some orders that we can't track.
These are as follows:

Concessions - (these are brands that aren't owned by us and manage their own delivery to you)
• Items ordered from our partner sites such as,

What you'll see on your tracking page

If we can track your order, you'll be able to see each stage of its journey on your tracking page. Below are the descriptions we use for each stage of an order's journey, and more detail about what those words mean.


What you'll see on the tracking page What it means
Created We've got your order and are waiting to process it
Pre-Advice Loaded Our fulfilment centre has received your order
Supplier Order - In Progress We're about to pass your order to our warehouse
Routed to courier Your order has been routed to the courier
Manifested for Delivery We have informed our courier to expect your order and plan it in to their delivery route
Courier Received Our courier has got the details of your order
Order generated Your items are ready for delivery
Receipt at depot Your parcel is at the depot
Processed at depot Your parcel is waiting to be sent to our courier
Out for delivery to courier Your parcel is on its way to our courier
Courier to re-attempt The courier missed you and will try again. If the courier tried to deliver your parcel but wasn't able to you should have received a slip to say the courier attempted delivery. This should also state the date they will re-attempt delivery.
Delivered to We've delivered your parcel


What you'll see on the tracking page What it means
Return received Your return has been received. However, if goods have been addressed to the incorrect warehouse there may be a short delay in your refund being processed while the goods are being re-directed.
Return in progress We're getting your return and refund sorted
Return refund complete We have processed your return.
Please note: Some banks may take longer than others to process refunds.

Additional Information

If something goes wrong, you'll see one of these messages

What you'll see on the tracking page What it means
Cancelled We've had to cancel your order. Click here to find out more
Cancelled - unable to fulfil - payment reversal We're out of stock so we've had to cancel your order. We haven't taken any money from your card.
Cancelled - unable to fulfil - payment refunded We're out of stock so we've had to cancel your order. We've sent you a full refund.

My order is late, what should I do?

Please use the tracking link in 'Your order is on the way' email. Sometimes things do go wrong, and if your parcel has not arrived as expected please accept our apologies.
If your parcel is more than 2 days after the estimated delivery date (found on your order confirmation email), please contact our customer services team.