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Launched in 1979, Sloggi® has long been the best-selling brief brand in Europe and today delivers unrivalled comfort for both women and men. Following a "comfort first" approach when it comes to all their designs, Sloggi's selection of bras, camisoles and knickers have been created to make women feel powerful and comfortable in their own skin. From their Zero Feel and Wow Comfort ranges to the sophisticated S by Sloggi® series, you'll never have to compromise on comfort again.

S by Sloggi

S by Sloggi redefines premium body wear, fusing super soft fabrics and sophisticated design. Ignoring the bells and rejecting the whistles, it's designed with everyday comfort in mind.

’79 is the Vintage Maxi

Simple. Sleek. Sophisticated. Sloggi® brings true comfort to people's everyday by creating the most wearable, innovative body wear in the world.