Skandi Waves

Always dreamed of creating effortless beachy waves? Dream no more. Just plug in your straighteners and follow our simple step-by-step guide. This technique works on all lengths of hair.

how to get wavy hair

Taking a small section of hair and holding it mid-way down, push the section gently up towards its root so it forms an 'S' shape. Clamp Air Plates over the section to set the wave in place.

wavy hair with straightener

Work your way down the section pushing the hair back on itself as you go, followed by the clamping of the straighteners.

shoulder length wavy hair

Continue to take small sections working through all of the hair. Top tip: apply hairspray to each section after you style it to add extra hold.

wavy hair

Brush through the hair to allow the waves to sit together more naturally. You can even shake the curls out with your hands or blast your hair with a hairdryer and spritz with a sea salt spray for a more beachy texture.

long wavy hair

Tease your hair at the roots by massaging your scalp with your fingertips to add some volume.

mid length wavy hair