Mugler Alien Man

Enter the mysterious and sensual universe of Alien and discover the addictive, powerful and bold New Alien Man Eau de Toilette.


Alien Man Eau de Toilette is a new elegant, sensual and masculine fragrance for men, a blend of aromatic freshness paired with an intriguing combination of mysterious woody and smoky leathery notes to create a new modern fragrance for men.

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"The new Alien Man is a very nice strong scent, and it is great for all day wear. The bottle is fantastic looking and very futuristic!"
Tak L
"The New Alien Man bottle was very stylish looking and it definitely stands out on the shelf! I really enjoyed the smell and it lasted on me the whole day. I would certainly recommend this aftershave."
Matthew B
"The new Alien Man is a musky, wooden fragrance that comes in a sleek, angular bottle that turns deep purple when held to the light. It's warm, and subtle scent lasts for hours, and is a definite hit!"
Lyndon H

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