Mr. Burberry Indigo captures an impromptu escape from the city to the British Kent coast
to feel refreshed and invigorated. An aftershave which encapsulates a contrast to a busy London life.

mr burberry indigo

Mr. Burberry Indigo
Eau de Toilette 150ml

mr burberry eau de toilette

Mr. Burberry Indigo
Eau de Toilette 100ml

mr burberry perfume

Mr. Burberry Indigo
Eau de Toilette 50ml

burberry perfume

Mr. Burberry Indigo
Eau de Toilette 30ml


A fresh and energetic citrus woody aftershave, reminiscent of crisp air along the British coast.
Aromatic violet-leaf and spearmint oil invigorate notes of lemon and rosemary.
Amber and oak moss bring depth. A veritable breath of fresh air.

lemon scent
mr burberry scent
mr burberry indigo scent


The new bottle honours the iconic navy Trench Coat. Bold and masculine, the weighted cap references
horn-look buttons, while a hand-tied knot in English woven gabardine sits around the neck. The lacquer aftershave bottle,
in shades of blue from navy to indigo, conveys the invigorating freshness of the scent.

mr burberry bottle

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Leave the city behind. Escape to the British seaside with Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau de Toilette,
for an invigorating breath of freedom and crisp, fresh air.

burberry inspired
mr burberry aftershave
"A very impressive new fragrance from Mr Burberry, which I've been itching to get my hands on. Using it in the week as the fragrance to wear at work, with its fresh, warm and earthy scent to it. It definitely become my new favourite scent for spring summer."
Anton W
"This new Burberry aftershave has a great spring/summer feel to it. Feels very refreshing and just right for the warm summer days & nights."
Andy M
"I just received this as my new spring/summer aftershave and I am certainly not disappointed! It's a fresh scent that has been impressing my female colleagues at work and looking forward to wearing it out and about in the summer days."
Todd C