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The Classic fragrance from Cartier

cartier panther


Inspired by Jeanne Toussaint, the original Cartier panther, the majestic and captivating Eau de Parfum charms those who are looking for a sophisticated fragrance with a sensual trail.

Mathilde Laurent's creation leaves a pure and mesmerising trail with all that encounter the scent.

At the heart of the fragrance waits the panther, poised to seduce with this irresistibly feline floral fragrance.

The Fragrance

A captivating Cartier fragrance that reveals a free-spirited and passionate woman.

A feline-floral accord born from the fusion between a radiant and delicate gardenia with sensual musky notes.

At the heart of the bottle, an internal sculpture draws the fascinating and majestic panther.

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The Collection

la panthere parfum

La Panthère EDP

The first Cartier La Panthère fragrance, perfect for the free-spirited and passionate women. Embrace your feline side with an accord of gardenia notes and a musk.

la panthere legere

La Panthère EDT

The latest fragrance in the La Panthère family introduces a featherweight charm, with a waft of white flowers, in this floral-fresh Eau de Toilette.

la panthere legere

La Panthère Légère

The second installement of La Panthère franchise sees a floral felinity, illuminated by tiaré flower notes.

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